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ProtaDetails is revolutionary system for automatically creating and organising all your structural concrete detail drawings in one go.Save hours of drafting time by seamlessly extracting design details from ProtaStructure and automatically arranging them onto your company drawing sheets.

Use focused CAD editing and detailing capabilities tailored to structural engineering to fine tune your drawing production.

Make informed design choices with full quantities extraction to value engineer projects and offer improved design services to clients.Handle changes efficiently by seamlessly updating project design changes from

ProtaDetails growing library of component macros to instantly design and detail common project elements including retaining walls, stairs, piles and foundations.Save hours of drafting time, deliver projects faster, be more productive and profitable with ProtaDetailse.

Automate Concrete Detailing

ProtaDetails automatically extracts and details all designed elements from ProtaStructure saving potentially thousands of man hours on drafting of your building structures.

Drawing Management

Automatically layout details into your drawing title blocks and take advantage of features including autocropping of beam elevations, column detail grouping and flexible scaling to produce professional, high quality drawings to convey your design.

Advanced Detailing

Handle complex detailing required to satisfy design and constructability standards including specific seismic provisions.

Intelligent CAD

Making use of in-built drafting capability, coupled with intelligent objects like rebar, makes any additional detailing or drawing refinement easy and fast.


Use our flexible setting management to define how you want your details to look or use Prota’s range of country based templates especially developed to suit local drafting practices.

Value Engineering

Stay on top of project costs and variations with full reinforcement and bar quantities take off.

Technology Partner

ProtaDetails is designed with leading technology to provide you with competitive advantages over the competition. Save hours of drafting time, deliver projects faster, be more productive and profitable with ProtaDetails.

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